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Domino Motion

I'm not always like this
It's something, i become
A terrible weakness
In my nature, in my blood
Save me, oh save me, save me from myself
Before i hurt somebody else again

Domino motion jump starts when we touch
The blackout approaching
Here it comes now, wish me luck
It's all over, it's all over, it's all over in a flash
I can't remember,
What have I done now?

oh, my head hurts
Oh dear oh dear.

Don't blame me, don't maim me, I can't help what I am
Oh, Lord knows i've tried to

- Imogen Heap "Glittering Clouds" -
4.6.10 21:45

Forever ends today

I gotta go
Cause what goes around, doesn't come around
And I know
The time is never now
I told you so
It's a long way to the top, it's a long way down
So what now?
We feel a lot more lost than found

Too much, too late to lie and hesitate
Nowhere to go, forever ends today
Don't know what we got until it's gone away
We're the last to know, forever ends today

Forever ends today

I gotta go
Cause we never read the writing on the wall
Yeah I know
Everytime I slip, you fall
I told you so
It's mathematics, it's not chemistry
So right now
The numbers kill you and me

-  Donots  "Forever ends today" -
10.5.10 21:50

Still alive

There's chaos everywhere
And panic written on the air
That everyone is breathing
And crushing light of day
Pain will never wash away
Fear will never leave

You've done enough
He's still alive
He's breathing on his own
I leave everything I have

And god save our souls
How tables have turned
And broke

One more like this could be the end
They say they told us all along
-Air Traffic "Empty Space"-
9.5.10 20:49


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